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FREE UP YOUR SOIL NUTRIENTS Save on fert inputs Feed the micro-biology Whole Salmon fish hydrolysate

Millions of living organisms cycle nutrients and help the soil ecosystem do it’s job. Fish IT is the perfect biostimulant to feed the soil micro biology.

Fish IT feeds your soil micro-biology.

As complex as soil is there is one thing that is necessary to ensure your soil is working for you – feeding your soil biology. As with any living thing, your soils micro-biology ecosystem requires food to function efficiently doing its job of freeing up and cycling the nutrients already in your soil for the plants to use to grow. 

Fish IT Whole Salmon Fish Hydrolysate is the perfect bio-stimulant to feed your soil saving you money on expensive fertiliser inputs.

Soil is the nutrient powerhouse full of important micro-biology. Freeing up nutrients and making them plant available saves farmers and growers on inputs, is better for the environment and their bottom line.

Tony Zonneveld

Dairy Farmer

“I am so enthusiastic about using the biology in the soil.”

Carola Haket

Dairy Farmer - Sharemilker

“We were doing 1.7kg/ms and now we are doing 2.5kg/ms.”

Lyndon Mills

Nursery Manager - Leithfield Nursery

“We have lots of worms & strong, resilient seedlings.”

For Dairy Farmers

Reduce inputs, grow more grass.

For Livestock Farmers

Increase stock weight and returns.

For Growers

Use what is already in the soil.
Optimise Profitability

Reduce the use of costly inputs

Healthy soil is composed of a functioning microbial ecosystem that cycles nutrients in the soil. This microbial ecosystem needs food for energy to do the job of making elements, minerals and proteins available to be used by the plants. This then helps to build soil structure, retain moisture and combat pathogen pressure producing healthier plants and therefore animals.

Building healthier soil will help to:

  • Reduce costly synthetic fertiliser applications.
  • Increase your productivity by enhancing nutrient pathways.
  • Increase water retention in the soil supporting the plants’ tolerance to drought.
  • Provide the building blocks to promote healthy, productive animals.
  • Promote plant growth and increase agricultural and horticultural yields.
  • Balance nutrition and optimisation of synthetic fertilisers when taking a hybrid approach.
Maintaining Growth

Meeting the environmental challenge

Biological products such as Fish IT Whole Salmon Hydrolysate help maintain productivity while reducing environmental impact levels. Fish IT helps to reduce nitrate and phosphate dependance without harming pasture or crop growth when managed correctly.

A reduction in synthetic inputs ultimately leads to a balanced nutritional food cycle, reducing costs on businesses, farms and orchards, and reducing the impact of synthetic fertilisers on our environment.

Increase your profitability without the environmental impact

Fish IT helps to build healthy soil by feeding the micro-biology to boost plant yields and profitability

Meet your regulatory requirements

Fish IT provides an effective strategy to help reduce N fertiliser use without impacting on productivity

A Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

Fish IT helps to protect the environment and water from nitrogen pollution and soil degradation
Working with Nature

Helping the soil do its work for you.

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