About us

FishIT Ltd is a small Southland owned company and was established to create a natural biological soil booster fertiliser suitable for all soil types using the sustainable resource of fish from Southland’s clean coastal waters. We initially started producing our fish hydrolysate as a response to our farm’s requirements. Our peat-based soils were not responding well to traditional fertilisers with our soil structure being compact and showing a lack of microbial activity. With the success of our farm’s soil alteration and subsequent plant growth we decided that this product was important to share with the rest of New Zealand and Fish IT Ltd was created.

Fish IT Ltd Hydrolysate Liquid Fish Fertiliser

  • Provide maximum proteins, fats and omega oils to nourish the soil and ensure maximum plant growth.
  • Limit the nutrient discharge of nitrogen and phosphorous into the waterways as the plant absorbs the nutrients due to the fish oils contained in our products.
  • Easy to use for all soils, pastures, crops, ornamentals, trees and vegetables.
  • Come in a concentrate liquid form and are easy to use. Simply dilute according to the application rates supplied on the container.
  • Used for ground or leaf application.
  • Has a distinctive smell, which dissipates quickly after application

How our products are made? Fish IT Ltd uses a hydrolysis process where enzymes break down the fish organic material into a liquid. The hydrolysis process used by Fish IT Ltd ensures more of the fish’s proteins, fats, omega oils and nutrients are preserved in all of our products and subsequently transferred to the soil and plant. By using this process 30% of the omega oils are retained in our products. This is why the plants grow so well when using our products.

Note: Fish emulsion products are not comparable to our fish hydrolysate products. We do not remove the natural oils found in fish, which are commonly removed in the creation of fish emulsion products.

How does it work?

  • Biologically enhances the soil and promotes root growth, creating the ideal environment to substantially increase worm and microbial activity.
  • The natural oils in the Fish IT product range open the cell wall structure of the plant, allowing the essential nutrients to go directly into the plant, not into the air or leach through the soil. Nutrients are taken up directly by the plant.
  • Develops a healthy deeper root system with higher disease resistance